Good Sport!
A Sportsmanship Card Game™

Good Sport!™ A Sportsmanship Card Game™ is a fun, interactive educational tool. The game follows along much as the Yahtzee dice game where you check off each item on the scorecard as you role the dice. In this case, instead of rolling dice, you pick up a card from a deck and read it aloud. If it is an example of good sportsmanship, you check it off on your scorecard. If it's an example of poor sportsmanship you leave your scorecard blank for that turn.

There is also a deck of discussion cards on sportsmanship topics. You pick up a card and either answer the question on the card or discuss the topic listed on the card, then check it off on your scorecard.

The single dice piece is used for qualifying to pick up a discussion card. It is also used at the end of the game where the player has to roll a "1" as in "Fun is #1" to complete the game.

Good Sport!™ A Sportsmanship Card Game™ utilizes these learning concepts:

  • Kids understand a concept better if you give them specific, repeated, concrete examples.
  • Kids learn better if they are personally involved, with some ownership in the learning process.
  • Kids learn better if they’re having fun.

Game Contains:

66 ACTION cards: specific examples of “Eight Great Sportsmanship Traits” & “Good Sport” Bonus Behaviors

24 DISCUSSION cards: specific questions & topics to stimulate personal discussion of sportsmanship in youth sports.

A SCORECARD: players “check off” sportsmanship traits & behaviors as they draw ACTION cards & respond to DISCUSSION cards.

What experts are saying …

I highly recommend this teaching tool to educators, parents, and
children alike.

-- Dan Doyle, author, The Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting

Dr. Burnett has done it again. What a great learning tool. With the
Sportsmanship Card Game, win or lose, everybody wins.

-- Michael Pfahl, Founder, TLC² Volunteer Management Strategy

Finally, an interactive, engaging approach to teaching sportsmanship.
--Dr. Richard Stratton, Editor, Coaching Youth Sports website.

All children and adults involved in youth sports owe Darrell Burnett a million
“thanks”.. This wonderfully innovative, sportsmanship card game is a terrific
example of “ outside the box” thinking inside a box. Your family’s—and community’s—sports culture will greatly benefit

-- Bob Bigelow, Former NBA player. Youth sports activist and reformer.
Author of “Just Let the Kids Play”.

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