"Hey, Mom & Dad,
It's Just a Game!"

At Last! Practical guidelines for parents, showing how to make youth sports fun-filled, positive experiences for the kids.

Dr. Darrell Burnett sports psychologist, child clinical psychologist, parent, and youth league coach, has published an audio tape: "Hey, Mom & Dad, It's Just a Game!"

Showing parents how to use youth sports to:

  • Boost their kid's self esteem.
  • Help their kids have fun.
  • Build positive childhood memories from sports.

His discussions include how to:

  • Emphasize positives with kids at games.
  • Respond to kids' mistakes at games.
  • Model good sportsmanship.
  • Keep expectations reasonable.

A copy of Dr. Burnett's 20 item "Parent Attitude and Behavior Checklist" is included with the CD. He discusses the 20 items in detail. $10.95

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