It's Just a Game!
Youth, Sports & Self Esteem:
A Guide for Parents

In place of a 3rd printing of his original book, Youth, Sports & Self-Esteem: A Guide for Parents, Dr. Darrell Burnett, a published authority on parenting, has revised his popular book, adding some sportsmanship checklists, and changing the title to It's Just a Game! to reflect the importance of keeping youth sports in the proper perspective. While discussing the psychology of youth sports, Dr. Burnett not only points out how sports can strengthen a child's self-esteem, he offers specific practical positive parenting guidelines to help make it happen.

Topics include:

  • The four cornerstones of self esteem
  • 12 guidelines for promoting kids' self esteem through youth sports
  • Case examples, photos and cartoons, references
  • Skill, behavior, and sportsmanship checklists
  • A Parent Attitude & Behavior Checklist for youth sports
  • A list of 86 ways to say "Very Good!"
The book's theme is straightforward: kids have enough pressure in life, and youth sports should not add to it. Youth sports can and should promote self-esteem, offering every youngster an opportunity to enjoy the simple fun of participating in sports while learning skills, feeling good, and building positive childhood memories. Dr. Burnett's book gives parents a blueprint for building those memories.

What they're Saying...
"Over the many years I have known Dr. Darrell Burnett I have found his approach to the psychology and dynamics of youth sports, as spelled out in his book, not only educational but uniquely refreshing and highly effective."
John Cappelletti, 1973 Heisman Award Winner, Former NFL Professional Football Player

"Any questions about the role of parents in youth sports are insightfully answered in Dr Burnett's practical book. His 20+ years as a parent, youth coach, and psychologist are evident. He knows what makes kids turn on or off to sports."
Susan Wilson, author of Sports Her Way. Motivating Girls to Start and Stay with Sports

"An excellent resource for parents of youth leaguers that applies positive parenting techniques to sport. A practical guide that parents can apply immediately."
Dave LaLiberty, Springfield College, Exercise and Sport Psychology Newsletter
Division 47, American Psychological Association

"Recommended reading for all parents concerned about their children's involvement in youth sports."
National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA)

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