Corporate Workshops

Anger Management

"People who fly into a rage always make a bad landing."
-Will Rogers

Anger, over time, takes its' toll on all of us, whether we "hold it in" or "let it out". Research from the past ten years points to the importance of anger control, noting how our thoughts strongly influence our anger response.

Darrell J. Burnett, Ph.D,, clinical psychologist, has been a consultant to the California State Compensation Insurance Fund, evaluating and treating stress disability cases. He has conducted workshops of Stress Management, Anger Management, and Job Burnout, at local and regional corporate conferences.

In this workshop, Anger Management, Dr. Burnett uses practical, hands-on techniques, with lively, humorous discussions, active audience participation, and lots of handouts as he shows participants the role which anger plays in their lives and how they can learn to control anger rather than be a victim of it.

Sample topics include:

- What's Your Anger IQ (Irritability Quotient)?

- The Physiological Costs of Anger

- The Myths of Anger

- How Anger Works:

  • Anger Control
  • Combating Trigger Thoughts
  • Coping Through Healthy Self Talk
  • Coping With the Angry Person

- Top Ten Irrational Thoughts


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