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Anger In The Workplace

Which of these statements are myth and which are fact?

- Anger is a biochemicallly determined event

- Anger and aggression are instinctual to man.

- Frustration leads to aggression.

- It's healthy to ventillate.

You may be surprised at the answers!

Dr. Darrell Burnett is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience in private practice. He is a former evaluator for stress-related Workers Compensation cases.

In this workshop Dr. Burnett will discuss

- the relationship between anger and heart 1disease

- the physiology of anger

- how anger relates to the "Type A" personality

- how to measure your "irritability quotient"

- how anger works

- how to control your anger

- how to cope with an angry person

- how to cope through healthy self talk

If you're looking for a way to diffuse anger in the workplace;

If you're looking for a practical step toward self improvement;

This is the workshop for you.

Dr. Burnett has presented local, regional, and national staff development workshops for corporations, schools, and agencies.

His upbeat, humorous, fast moving style has made him a popular lecturer.

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