The Positive Corporate Manager
Lessons From Coaching Kids

Dr. Darrell Burnett, clinical and sport psychologist, has worked professionally in private practice and as a consultant for over twenty years. While working as a stress evaluator in workers' compensation cases, he noticed that many workers were experiencing stress, anger, a lack of motivation, minimal productivity, and low self esteem. In response he developed workshops on Stress Management, Anger Management, Job Burnout, and this workshop,The Positive Corporate Manager: Lessons from Coaching Kids. (How to Build Employee Self-Esteem in the Workplace).

In the workshop Dr. Burnett draws from his experience in sports psychology, where he has published a positive coaching booklet series (The Art of Being a Successful Youth League Coach), a positive parenting book (It’s Just a Game! Youth, Sports, & SelfEsteem: A Guide for Parents), an accompanying audiotape ("Hey, Mom & Dad, It's Just a Game!", and an article, "A Coach with Soul", in Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work.

Using the analogy of the corporate manager as coach, Dr. Burnett applies the principles of positive behavior management to show how a manager can help employees increase their self-esteem, with a likely increase in productivity and a positive workplace.

In his workshop Dr. Burnett uses an upbeat, practical, positive, humorous approach, with active audience participation.

Topics include:

1) How to promote the four cornerstones of self esteem in employees: belonging, worthiness,dignity, control.

2) Why it makes good business sense to motivate through building self-esteem.

3) 14 Steps (using the mnemonic c-o-r-p-o-r-a-t-e c-o-a-c-h)
to help build employee self esteem:

- C oncentrate on the positives

- O verreact to successes

- R ecognize specifics

- P raise any and all progress

- O ffer yourself as an example

- R emember to laugh

- A void confusion: organize

- T ake time to listen

- E mpathize

- C reate team spirit

- O verteach skills

- A lways expect what is rreasonable

- C larify, be specific

- H ave fun


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