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Youth Sports: The Power of Positive Coaching

Dr. Burnett, clinical psychologist and sports psychologist specializing in youth sports, author of It’s Just aGame!, reminds youth sports coaches of the value of youth sports and the importance of keeping kids coming back. Noting that positive coach support is often the # 1 reason given by kids for their continued participation in sports, Dr. Burnett offers specific guidelines for measuring positive coach support, using his 24-item Positive Youth Sports Coach checklist, covering five measurable aspects of being a positive youth sports coach. His animated, upbeat, interactive, humorous presentation includes cartoons, video, anecdotes, and handouts.

Studies show that Positive Coach Support is a key to keeping kids in sports. Positive Coaching is a popular “buzzword” in the handbooks of youth sports organizations. Accordingly, youth sports coaches need to understand their key role in youth sports, and they need guidelines and checklists to help them measure their progress in offering positive coach support to their players. This workshop will help youth sports coaches:

1. Understand the value of youth sports

2. Understand what motivates kids to play sports

3. Identify five measurable aspects of positive coaching through a 24-item checklist.

4. Understand and interact with sports parents.

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