Youth Sports Workshops

Issues in Youth Sports Burnout

Dr. Burnett, clinical psychologist and sports psychologist specializing in youth sports, describes the phenomenon of burnout as it applies to youth sports. His discussion includes eight factors which contribute to youth sports burnout, with suggestions for addressing each factor. This fast paced, upbeat, animated presentation includes stories and handouts.

Studies show that 73% of youngsters quit organized sports by the time they are 13. Some drop out from boredom, some because they were reluctant participants from the beginning. However, an increasing number of youngsters are leaving organized due to burnout, where a youth sports activity that was once experienced as positive, thrilling, challenging, etc. is now experienced as a negative event. Recognizing the signs of burnout, and knowing the factors that contribute to burnout are essential in the effort to keep kids in sports.

1. identify the signs of youth sports burnout

2. understand the principle of motivation and its relation to burnout

3. identify eight factors that can contribute to youth sports burnout


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