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Job Burnout

Job burnout, an impairment of motivation to work, is increasingly common in today's complex world. It begins with small warning signals: feelings of stress, frustration, emotional outbursts, withdrawal, health problems, alienation, substandard performance, and, at times, the increased use of drugs and alcohol. If unheeded, these symptoms can progress until a person dreads going to work.

Darrell J. Burnett, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, has been a consultant to the California State Compensation Insurance Fund, evaluating and treating stress disability cases. He has conducted workshops on Stress Management, Anger Management, and Job Burnout, at local and regional corporate conferences.

In this workshop, Job Burnout, Dr. Burnett uses practical, hands-on techniques, with lively, humorous discussions, active audience participation, and lots of handouts as he describes the phenomenon of job burnout, and how to avoid it.

Sample topics include:

- Job Stress/Job Burnout Questionnaires

- What is Job Burnout?

- What Causes Job Burnout?

- What are the Symptoms of Job Burnout?

- What Factors at Work Weaken Motivation?

- How Do We Stay Motivated?

- What Role Does Stress Play in Job Burnout?

- Stress Management Techniques


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