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Stress Management

"Stress has become America's number one Gross National Product" -Anonymous

Stress, the physiological and emotional reaction to perceived threat, dates back to the cave man days as a "fight or flight" reaction to the saber-toothed tiger.

Ironically, although the saber-toothed tiger has long been extinct, we still react with stress as though the tiger still existed. Indeed, we make our own saber-toothed tigers out of daily perceived pressures.

Darrell J. Burnett, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, has been a consultant to the California State Compensation Insurance Fund, evaluating and treating stress disability cases. He has conducted workshops on Stress Management, Anger Management, and Job Burnout, at local and regional corporate conferences.

In this workshop, Stress Management, Dr. Burnett uses practical, hands-on techniques, with lively, humorous discussions, active audience participation, and lots of handouts to help participants become aware of their stress responses and how to take an active role in controlling and managing stress in their daily lives.

Sample topics include:

-Stress Symptom Questionnaire

-There Are No Saber-Toothed Tigers!

-The Event Does Not Determine The Response tTo The Event

-The Physiology of Stress (How Your Body rReacts When In Stress)

-Stress: The Internal War

-Stress Reduction

-Relaxation: The Natural Resource


-What Exercise Can Do For You

-Cognitive Self Talk

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