Youth Sports Workshops

Building a Youth Sports Philosophy

Incorporating research on the value of youth sports and research on why kids are motivated to play sports, Dr. Burnett, a clinical psychologist and a sports psychologist specializing in youth sports, discusses a 7-step blueprint for building a youth sports philosophy. His fast paced, upbeat, animated presentation is filled with stories, humor, cartoons, and handouts.

Almost 73% of youth sports participants drop out by age 13, no longer motivated to participate in organized youth sports. It is imperative that youth sports organizations address the needs and wants of youngsters in youth sports, to keep them motivated. The value of continued participation in youth sports has been researched, and the major goal of youth sports is to keep the kids coming back. An organized, itemized, well defined philosophy of youth sports is essential as a means of measuring whether youth sports organizations are focused on motivating youngsters to continue participation.

1. Understand 21st century youth sports in the context of youth sports history from 1930’s to now.

2. Understand the principles of motivation and how they apply to kids’ participation in youth sports

3. Identify seven specific elements of a blueprint for building a youth sports philosophy.

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