Responsible Kids:

5 Steps for Parents

"I didn't do it!" "Nobody saw me do it!" "You can't prove anything!"
- Bart Simpson

Tired of people claiming to be "victims" every time someone confronts them for an antisocial behavior?

Tired of people constantly coming up with excuses, and not being accountable or responsible for their actions?

It's one thing for kids to react like Bart Simpson, the TV cartoon character quoted above, when getting into trouble. But in recent times we're seeing adults acting the same way, spending all their energy trying to pass the blame rather than accept the consequences for their actions.

Dr. Darrell Burnett, clinical child psychologist, father of three, with 20 years of private practice with children, adolescents, and families, has a central belief: If you want responsible adults, start by developing responsible kids!

The dictionary defines responsible as "accountable, liable, able to accept consequences for one's behavior." As a lecturer and author on the topic of positive parenting, Dr. Burnett has compiled a 30 page booklet and an accompanying 70 minute CD recording of one of his live workshops, Raising Responsible Kids: 5 Steps for Parents. Dr. Burnett's five practical, common sense steps for parents offer a blueprint for raising kids who are responsible, and able to handle consequences of their own actions.

  1. Be consistent;
  2. Say what you mean/ mean what you say;
  3. Don't rescue;
  4. Don't give in;
  5. Look for the positives.

"The booklet is easy to read, and the CD captures his upbeat, humorous, hands-on approach with lots of examples and audience participation" - PTA parent

Raising Responsible Kids: 5 Steps for Parents - 70 minute CD recording of a live parenting workshop, along with a 27 page booklet. $12.95

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