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Improving Parent-Adolescent Relationships

Raising Responsible Kids: 5 Steps for Parents

Parents, Kids, and Self Esteem


"I was delighted to see an emphasis in the clinician's guidebook on improving communications, problem solving, and the reciprocity through contracting. The methods build on two decades of research that have validated his techniques... The step-by-step and prescriptive approach will permit a wide range of practitioners to deliver state-of-the-art techniques with fidelity."
Robert Paul Liberman, M.D. Professor of Psychiatry, Director, Clinical Research center, UCLA School of Medicine.

"Extremely practical, useful ways of improving
parent-adolescent relationships!"

Irene Goldenberg, Ph.D. Acting Chief: Medical Psychology, UCLA, Neuropsychiatric Institute.

"For therapists, for parents tearing their hair out, and for the
adolescents who know it doesn't help to tear hair--relief for everyone!
An extremely well organized step-by-step approach, with a text for
the Leader that is top notch, and teachable."

George Sargent, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Director,
The Family Center, Vista, CA.

"Good, solid material. An excellent resource for parent-teen communications. I plan on using it."
Jim Burns, President National Institute of Youth Ministry,
San Clemente, CA.


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