Biographical Background
in Youth Sports Psychology

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Public Speaking

Member of the National Speakers Association.

Keynote speaker (2004) “Sportsmanship in the 21 st Century”
at the Missouri State High School Activities Association Sportsmanship Summit , Columbia , Missouri

Keynote speaker (2004) “Kids, Exercise, & Sport” at Gatorade Sports Science Institute Conference, Santa Cruz , CA.

Workshop Leader (2004), “Positive Coaching: The Power of Fun”, at the Kansas Parks Recreation Association (KPRA) State Conference, Topeka, Kansas.

Workshop Leader (2004), “Coaching Ado lescents: Some Psychological Considerations”, Coaching clinic sponsored
by the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles, Irvine Valley College .

Keynote speaker (2003) “Youth Sports in the 21st Century”
at the annual Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation Conference

Keynote speaker (2003) at the annual Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation Conference

Workshop leader (2002), “Teaching Sportsmanship”, California Middle School Physical Education Teachers Conference.

Keynote speaker (2002) at the annual Gatorade Managers Conference in Key West , and at the Gatorade Managers Equity Summit , Monarch Beach , California .

Workshop leader (2002), “Positive Coaching”, at Southern California Special Olympics Coaches Conference.

Workshop leader (2002), “Building a Youth Sports Philosophy”, at Southern California Municipal Athletic Federation, Sports Management Institute.

Guest speaker (1995-2002), “Positive Coaching”, at local coaches’ clinics (Little League, AYSO soccer, NJB Basketball, Po p Warner Football).

Workshop Leader (2002), “A Skill Mastery Approach to Self esteem Development in Young Athletes”, Annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (AAASP).

Workshop leader (2002 and 2001), “Handling Angry Parents”, at the California State Little League Conference.


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