Program: The Today Show
Interviewed and appeared on
segment about a 5 yr.old tennis prodigy
Topic:  Pressure in Youth Sports   (8/03/07)

CNN, Cable News Network, national hookup
Program: In the Money, with Jack Cafferty,
Susan Lisovicz, and Andy Serwer
Video interview
Topic: Parents and Youth Sports  (6/11/05)

ESPN-TV ESPN Cable TV, national hookup.
Program: Outside the Lines, with host, Bob Ley
Live interview as one of three featured guests
Topic: Pressure on Little League World Series Heroes ( 08/29/04 )

Program: Then and Now
Interviewed and appeared on the Eating Our Young segment
Topic: Youth Sports ( 6/8/04 )

MSNBC-TV Cable News, national hookup.
Program: Newsfront, with Lester Holt and Ashleigh Banfield
Interviewed by Lester Holt for a piece called “It’s Only a Game!”
Topic: Parent Rage in Youth Sports ( 6/11/01 ).

WQED-TV Channel 13, Pittsburgh , PA
Program: On Q Magazine
Interviewed by Michael Bartley
Topic: Parental Rage (4/23, 4/26/01 )

WTAE-TV Channel 4, Pittsburgh , PA
Program: Nightly News
Interviewed by Mariliyn Brooks
Topic: Parental Rage ( 4/22/01 )

WPGH-TV Channel 53, Pittsburgh , PA
Program: 10 PM News
Interviewed by Kym Gable
Topic: Parental Rage in Youth Sports ( 4/19/01 )

OCN-TV Cable channel, Orange County News Network
Program: Sportstalk
In-Studio Guest with Brent Weber
Topic: Parents and Sports ( 08/24/00 )

Fox Sports Net Fox TV Cable.
Program: Goin' Deep
Interviewed by Tom Murray
Topic: Unruly parents in youth sports ( 10/08/00 )

Odyssey TV Odyssey Channel. Cable. Nashville , Tennessee
Program: Odyssey Weekly
Interviewed by reporter Hicks Neal.
Topic: Parents and Sports. ( 8/06/00 )

OCN-TV Cable channel. Orange County News Network.
Program: Headlines with Heather Sullivan, anchor.
In-Studio Guest
Topic: Parents and Sports. ( 8/05/2000 )

WLS-TV Chicago , Illinois
Program: Nightly News with anchorman, Dick Johnson
Topic: Parents and Sportsmanship in Youth Sports.
February 15, 2000

Satellite Media Tour: TV interview in New York ,
fed to TV stations across the country.
Topic: Parents and Sportsmanship in Youth Sports. The use of Gatorade’s
Playbook for Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Help Kids Get the Most Out of Sports.
February 15, 2000 .

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