The Positive
Corporate Manager:
Lessons From
Coaching Kids
(How to Build Employee Self Esteem in the Workplace)

by Dr. Darrell Burnett

"Insightful... entertaining... motivating."
Jack Dollard, VP & General Manager, Toshiba America

"Practical... humorous.. effective sports analogy...
great for building teamwork."
Michael J. Finley, Regional Manager, Air Touch Cellular

For years Dr. Burnett, clinical and sports psychologist, author, youth sports coach, and lecturer has been a popular speaker emphasizing positive coaching and positive parenting, showing how to use youth sports to enhance self esteem in kids.

Repeatedly, the men and women in his audience have told him the ideas in his workshops also apply to the workplace, where corporate managers "coach" their "players", the employees.

Applying the principles from his sport psychology publications to the corporate workplace, Dr. Burnett has received rave reviews for his workshop, "The Positive Corporate Manager: Lessons From Coaching Kids."

By popular demand, Dr. Burnett has compiled the highlights from his workshop into a 33 page booklet and a 55 minute CD. Topics include:

  • The four cornerstones of self esteem.

  • Why it makes good business sense to motivate employees by building their self esteem.

  • 14 effective techniques for building employee self esteem.

  • $14.95

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